• ZForce C420
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    ZForce C420

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    Zim Sailing's ZForce C420 combines the tried and tested Club 420 we have become known for, with innovative performance enhancements only found at Zim Sailing. As the worlds leading provider of Club 420s, Zim Sailing has taken everything we learned building 420s, combined it with valuable feedback from you our sailors, and put it all into one complete package for those who demand the best. One-design sailors want the strongest, lightest, most durable boats and rigging available, and the ZForce C420 delivers. Our Club 420s continue to prove themselves on the race course with victories at local, regional, and National regattas. At the 2016 Club 420 North American Championships, 8 of the top 10 finishers were in Zim 420s. 

    C420 Construction

    • Toughened resin and plexus bond for superior strength and durability
    • Colored gelcoat racing stripes on aft end of cockpit or traditional grey deck
    • Matching smoke gray rudder blade and centerboard
    • All through-deck mounted hardware is supported by tapped aluminum backing plates
    • Shroud chain plate is a forged eye strap supported with an aluminum back-up bar under the rail


    • Harken Carbo cleats and blocks
    • Roller pins on shrouds instead of guy hooks
    • Captive shroud adjusters for safe rig adjustments*
    • Mylar centerboard gaskets
    • Low drag bailer with replaceable parts
    • Round traveler bar

    Sails & Rigging

    • North Sails class approved mainsail, jib, and spinnaker
    • Custom Spinnaker colors available
    • Zim Race Rigging
    • Dyneema main halyard for max hoist and low stretch
    • Spliced single adjustment mainsheet bridle
    • 16:1 Dyneema vang with cascade under the board cap*
    • FSE Robline line package
    • 2:1 rudder downhaul
    • Pulley trapeze rings; handle and ring are both adjustable for gross and fine tuning
    • Tapered aluminum spinnaker pole
    • Dwyer aluminum mast
    • New Selden boom*

    Items market with a * are exclusive to the ZForce C420

    ZForce C420 Price

    $9,875.00 - Please call 401-237-6117 or email us for fleet quotes or build a quote through our online quote builder. Please click here: Online Quote Builder.