• Viper F16
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    Designer Greg Goodall
    Length 5.0 m / 16.4 ft
    Beam 2.5 m / 8.2 ft
    Weight 129 Kg / 284 lb
    Mast Height 8.5 m / 28 ft
    Main Sail 15 m² / 162 ft²
    Jib 3.7 m² / 40 ft²
    Spinnaker 17.5 m² / 188 ft²
    Builder Goodall Design


    Viper F16

    The Viper is an ISAF recognized class and can be sailed under the strict one design rules, or sailors can race under the F16 box rules. The Viper was designed for high performance racing catamaran teams who were just too light to mix it in the F18. Ideal for mixed or youth teams, the Viper is light and responsive in every aspect, giving you the speed and excitement usually reserved for the bigger boats of the fleet. The Goodall Viper is the versatile Sports Car that can be sailed either 1 or 2up. By simply leaving the jib off, sailors have the ability to sail and race if their crew is not available.


    The Viper's epoxy construction makes for a durable long lasting boat and EVA deck grip means you and your crew will move with confidence around the platform. Highly precise gybing centerboards increase upwind angles and decrease hull drag. This, coupled with the fully battened self-tacking jib, fully integrated wing mast, and mainsail, gives teams the up wind advantage.

    This highly efficient rig is one of the most developed in the class. With a specially designed wing mast section to suit the boat and accomodate crew weights you will have the versatility to sail fast in almost any conditions.

    A high speed boat needs responsive control. Not only do our Goodall Design low drag rudders provide ultimate grip at high speeds, but they also provide amazing low speed maneuvering for those start line duels. The Viper control systems are ideal for smaller crews. 16:1 cascading downhaul, 10:1 mainsheet and top end Harken running gear make the controls of this sports car as light and easy as possible.


    Looking for an F16? Zim Sailing has Viper F16s available for Charter. For more information visit our charter page, send us an e-mail to charter@zimsailing.com, or call (401) 237-6117.