• Zim 15

     The all new Zim 15, the double handed boat that is moving dinghy sailing forward.

    Zim 15

    The 29er is a high performance skiff based on its "big sister" the 49er. It has become quickly recognized throughout the world as the major new force in youth sailing and high performance training. 

    Pro Club 420

    One design sailers want the strongest, lightest, most durable boats and rigging available.

    Collegiate 420

    Our Collegiate 420 combines the proven performance capabilities of the Club 420 with additional features that enhance the boat's strength and durability.

    Club FJ

    The Zim Club FJ is approved by the CFJ class association.

    Collegiate FJ

    Our Collegiate FJ combines the proven performance capabilities of an FJ with added features that enhance the strength and durability of the boat.

    Z Force Optimist

    The Z Force Opti is the ultimate package for youth racers.

    Club Optimist

    Our spar and blade package make this an affordable and high quality entry level Optimist for beginners, yacht clubs, and other learn to sail programs.

    RS Aero

    Ultra light, ultra simple, single handed sailing at it's best. 

    RS Quest

    The modern solution for training and recreational programs everywhere. 

    RS Feva

    A double-handed high performance training platform

    RS Vision

    Recreational sailing meets exciting performance for all ages and abilities

    RS Tera

    The modern single handed learn to sail alternative.

    RS Quba

     Simple and fun sailing meet durable and lightweight construction.

    RS Venture

    The benchmark in recreational dinghy sailing

    RS Sailing
    Hartley 12

    Durable, simple, and stable. This 12' self-draining boat holds 3-4 people at only 200lbs.

    Hartley 10

    A smaller version of the 12, holds 1-3 people at only 99lbs.

    The Wanderer

    This 14' boat shines as a great trainer or day sailor.

    The Wayfarer

    A great training platform holding up to 6 with a simple sail plan, optional racing package available.

    Hartley 12.2

     The powered up Hartley 12, featuring an asymmetrical spinnaker.

    The Gull

    Comfortable and stable, this 11' boat is easily sailed by 1 with room for up to 4.

    Blue Dragon Pram

    The Blue Dragon Pram is a durable, self-draining dinghy that is the perfect training boat for beginner sailors. The simple design is very low maintenance, but, performs well enough to get kids excited about sailing.

    Blue Dragon
    Byte CII

    The Byte CII is a fast and fun singlehanded one-design dinghy.


    The Byte provides an all-important first step for young sailors outgrowing the Optimist.

    Byte CI

    The Byte CI shares the same light durable hull as the CII but features a smaller rig for lighter sailors. 


    The Megabtye is a fast, yet stable boat, that can be sailed with two crew or raced singlehanded. Sailors well over 200 lbs can singlehand the Megabyte competitively and comfortably thanks to its powerful sail plan, deep cockpit, and high boom.

    Viper F16

     The Viper is without a doubt the fastest 5m catamaran on the planet. Since its launch it has won virtually every championship from Asia, America and Europe!!

    C2 F18

     The Formula 18 class is the biggest and most professional class in the world. Goodall Design is proud to have the most advanced F18 on the market.

    Goodall Catamarans