• Opti Zim Kit

    Opti Zim Kit




    These "Zim Kits" are full of all the parts and goodies we know you need! The Opti Zim Kit contains  a basic collection of the most commonly needed spare parts for Opti sailors. 

    Opti Zim Kit Contents:

    • Wind indicator
    • Red 48L Airbag 
    • Electrical Tape
    • Sailkote (8oz)
    • Sail Tie Spool
    • Corner Tie Spool
    • Sharpie Whistle
    • Protest flag 
    • Opti Parts Deck Collar with Sleeve
    • Tiller Extension Universal
    • Hand Bailer
    • Sail Tape (white, 4ft)
    • Spare Shockcord (3mm, 4ft)
    • Trigger Snap
    • Pennant Holders (2)
    • Utility Knife

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