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     Megabyte Boat



    14.3 ft


    5.2 ft


    100 ft2


    130 lb

     Farr Yacht Design


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    The Megabtye is a fast, yet stable boat that can be sailed with two crew or raced singlehanded. The boat was designed to carry some “serious weight” with a proper cockpit laid out for two people, but with the simplicity of a single sail. The Megabyte’s lightweight, tapered, carbon fiber mast and fully battened Mylar sail provide plenty of power when needed, and are easy to depower with well led controls. Sailors well over 200 lbs can singlehand the Megabyte competitively and comfortably thanks to its powerful sail plan, deep cockpit, and high boom. The two piece carbon fiber mast and 130 lb hull make Megabytes  easy to car top and transport. The Megabyte was designed by Farr Yacht Design and selected as Boat of the Year by Sailing World in 2000.

     Megabyte Construction

    • Glass reinforced polyester, foam sandwich
    • All Megabyte cockpit fittings are supported by tapped aluminum backing plates
    • Large inspection hatch to access rear storage space


    • Safety grabrail for capsize recovery
    • Double bailers, fore and aft

    Sails & Rigging

    • Fully battened mylar sail
    • Carbon fiber two-piece mast
    • Vang, outhaul and cunningham controls led to cockpit sides
    • Padded hiking straps for skipper and crew

    The Megabyte Mast Step

    The unique Megabyte mast step is connected to the water under the boat. No water stays in the cavity above the height of the waterline while sailing and the cavity drains completely when stored on shore. The bottom of the Megabyte's mast cavity and the hull structure are glued together. During final assembly, a threaded stud attached to a through bolted plate is installed in a recess in the hull. Channels in a plastic washer secured over the stud allow water drain through an access hole in the plate.


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