• Hartley 12
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    HULL LENGTH 12 ft
    BEAM 5 ft
    HULL WEIGHT 200 lbs
    SAIL AREA 76 ft2
    CAPACITY 640 lbs



    Hartley 12

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    The Hartley 12 is a durable, simple, stable dinghy that is the perfect choice for recreational and learn-to-sail programs. Featuring high freeboard, a deep roomy cockpit with space for 3 or 4, high boom, and open transom, this boat provides a great platform for sailors of all ages and sizes. At only 200lbs the Hartley 12 is a light weight and great sailing boat that is easy to pull up a beach, ramp, or dock. The tough rotomolded construction and kick-up rudder and centerboard make it a long-lasting boat that will add value to your organization for years. The simple sail plan offers an easily reefed main that can be rigged in just minutes.


    • Durable Rotomolded Polyethylene Hull
    • Self-bailing with built in flotation
    • Aluminum Rudder

    Sails and Rigging

    • Easily reefed main with vertical battons
    • Jib package included
    • No shrouds or extra rigging to confuse students
    • Sail color availability may not match images seen on website

    Hartley 12 Price


    Please call 401-237-6117 or e-mail for fleet pricing.