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    12 ft


    4.3 ft


    58 ft2


    100 lb



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    The Byte sailboat is a fast and fun singlehanded one-design dinghy. It was designed to be an affordable performance boat that could cater to sailors of a greater weight range than other boats in its category. Byte sailboats provide an all-important first step for young sailors outgrowing the Optimist. The controls for vang, outhaul, and cunningham are all led to either side of the boat’s deck with multi-purchase, ball bearing block systems. The vang can be adjusted, on a full plane, from the cockpit. The Byte can be upgraded with a Byte CII carbon fiber mast and mylar sail as the sailor progresses and desires a higher performance boat.

    Byte Construction

    • Glass reinforced polyester, foam sandwich
    • All cockpit fittings are supported by tapped aluminum backing plates
    • Full anti-slip deck


    • Safety grabrail for capsize recovery
    • Cockpit bailer

    Sails & Rigging

    • Dacron sail
    • Aluminum mast and boom
    • Vang, outhaul and cunningham controls are led to each side deck as standard
    • Hiking straps can be set up as single or pair.


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