• Bic Tough-Tec SUPs
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    Performer Series
     9'2"  31.5" Wide 30lbs 
     10'6"  31.5" Wide  35lbs
     11'6"  31.5" Wide  41lbs
    Cross Series
     10'  33" Wide 36lbs 
     11'  34" Wide 42lbs 

    Bic Tough-Tec SUPs

    Tough-Tec is Bic Sport's latest range of stand up paddle boards, which takes the performance shapes found in the Ace-Tec line, and wraps them in an extremely durable polyethylene outer shell. The result is a board which performs well, and will stand up to years of use and abuse. Tough-Tec SUPs replace the Dura-Tec line with a range of boards which are lighter, more durable, and better performing. Other features include a molded EPS foam core, molded external inserts which mean no through shell penetrations, Ergo-Grip handle, and embossed EVA foam deck pad. 

    Performer Series

    The Tough-Tec SUP Performer Series features the same surf-inspired longboard shapes found in the Ace-Tec range, which are stable for flat water cruising and still offer great surfing performance. With the added benefit of the Tough-Tec outer shell, these boards are great for families, camps, and programs, which might put a board through a bit more abuse than an individual rider. Available in 9'2", 10'6", and 11'6", at a price range of $649.95 to $749.95

    Cross Series

    The Tough-Tec SUP Cross Series takes the award winning Cross shape and wraps it in a polyethylene outer shell for maximum durability. These boards excel in flat water with a keeled nose for enhanced tracking and increased glide, and the full rail to rail volume creates a very stable platform great for yoga, fitness, and all around family fun. Ideal for camps and programs, these boards are easy for first time riders, and will withstand the use and abuse program equipment takes. Available in 10' and 11' at a price range of $699.95 - $749.95.