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     Performer Series
     9'2"  31.5" Wide  24lbs
     10'6"  31.5" Wide  26lbs
     11'6"  32.5" Wide  30lbs
    Cross Series
     10'  33" Wide 27lbs 
     11'  34" Wide  34lbs
    Wing Series
     11'  29" Wide  27lbs
     12'6"  30" Wide  34lbs


    BIC Sport has been making boards for over 30 years, and their ACE-TEC line represents the ultimate combination of durability and lightweight performance. BIC has spent time refining the ideal composite lay-up for SUP, and they nailed it with ACE-TEC. Starting with a shaped foam core which is laminated in a traditional surf board construction style, the entire board is then thermoformed with the outer plastic layer, making it durable without adding a lot of weight. The end result is a SUP which will perform like a purely composite board, but withstand use and abuse like much heavier plastic boards.

    Performer Series

    The ACE-TEC SUP Performer Series features surf-inspired longboard shapes which are stable for flat water cruising and offer great surfing performance. Whether you are looking to cruise your local lake or hit the surf, look no further than the ACE-TEC Performer SUPs. Available in 9'2", 10'6", and 11'6", at a price range of $1,049.95 to $1,149.95.

    Cross Series

    The ACE-TEC SUP Cross Series blends the performance characteristics found in the Performer line with the award winning Wing series. Resulting in a unique board which excels in flat water, making it an ideal platform for family fun, cruising, and SUP fitness or yoga. Available in 10' and 11', at a price range of $1,099.95 to $1,149.95.

    Wing Series

    The award winning ACE-TEC SUP Wing Series is designed for efficiency and stability in a wide range of conditions. The Wing SUPs feature a full vee entry which transitions to a displacement hull through the nose and into a flat planing hull under the foot and out to the tail. Giving the board impressive glide and stability, allowing you to go further and faster than on a traditional board. The Wing Series SUPs are perfect for everything from sunrise cruises on the lake to destination adventures in extreme conditions. Available in 11' and 12'6", at a price range of $1,199.95 to $1,299.95.

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