• Boat Storage & Service

    Zim Sailing is offering seasonal winter boat storage for your convenience. We have both indoor and outdoor storage options for your dinghy, sailboat, or powerboat. We offer competitive flat rates for storing your Optis, 420s, and other popular small sailboats from September through May. 

    Boat Storage & Service Rates

    Service Under 12'  12' - 16'  16' - 24'  Over 24'
     Outdoor Storage N/A  N/A  $480   $24/ft
     Indoor Storage  $304 $665  $1,330  $9.50/sq. ft 
     Shrink Wrap $65   $140  $280  $2/sq. ft
     Buff & Polish $100   $150  $200 (hull only) As Quoted 
     Leak/Fiberglass/Gel Coat Repairs  As Quoted  As Quoted  As Quoted As Quoted
     Rigging and Other Repairs As Quoted   As Quoted  As Quoted  As Quoted
     Transport within 50 miles  $100 per trip  $150 per trip  $200 per trip  As Quoted



    Storage Details:

    Zim Sailing's winter boat storage is offered from September 1st through May 30th. The rate for the 9 month winter storage term remains the same no matter when you drop off or pickup your boat. Outdoor storage is not offered for Optimists and other small dinghies for security reasons. Boats must be clean before being dropped off or picked up. We recommend removing sails and other accessories before bringing the boat in for storage or having us pick it up. Pickup is only offered within 50 miles of our facility in Bristol, RI. Further details including complete terms and conditions can be found on our Winter Storage Agreement Contract. If you have further questions please send an email to storage@zimsailing.com or give us a call (401) 237-6117. 

    Service Details:

    The winter storage term is a perfect opportunity to have Zim Sailing go through your boat, perform any necessary repairs, replace any broken equipment, and have your boat ship shape come spring. Flat rates for buffing and polishing assume your boat is in clean condition when brought to us or before being picked up. All estimates for service are based on a labor rate of $75/hr and cost of materials.