• Sailing Program Profiles

    Zim Sailing is pleased to have expanded our business from a small start up with regional sales in the North East to become the largest small boat manufacturer and distributor in the country. Today, our customer base spans across North America helping us help sailors all over the nation get out on the water. Check out the profiles below for some more information on our Sailing Program customers!

    Sarasota Youth Sailing

    Interview by: Alana O'Reilly
    Founded: 1970's in Sarasota, FL
    Address: 1717 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, Florida 34236
    Website:  www.sarasotayouthsailing.org


    What type of boats did you buy from Zim Sailing?

    We purchased ZForce C420's.

    What are some of the goals and objectives of your sailing program?

    Our mission is to encourage youth sailors to experience the joy of sailing in a safe and fun environment. We strive to impart a love of sailing as a life sport, while providing the fundamental skills necessary for participants to advance in the sport as far as their desire, skill and hard work may take them. We promote ethical behavior among our sailors and teach life-long lessons, which build character, foster teamwork, develop self-reliance and instill respect for the marine environment.

    How has Zim Sailing helped you achieve those goals or objectives for your program?

    Updating our 18 boat fleet of C420s has allowed us to expand both our Club 420 team and our high school sailing teams. We are really enjoying the boats.

    How many sailing students participate in your program during the summer? (Youth and adult)

    We are a year round program and we have about 350 kids in our summer camp each year and about 50 sailors that sail on our year round race teams.

    Are there any major future plans or upcoming milestones you would like to share with us?

    Nothing major at this time!