• Partnerships

    US Sailing

    Zim is the official boat supplier to several major US Sailing events, including several National Championships and the US Sailing Leadership Forum.  Since 2012, Zim has provided Byte CII’s to the U.S. Singlehanded Championships and Chubb U.S. Junior Championships.  In addition, Zim provides C420’s to the Chubb U.S. Junior Championships, U.S. Youth Championships, and the U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship.  We are thrilled to have competitors from these championship events racing in our boats. This partnership forged an exciting opportunity for Zim and US Sailing as we partner to build and support our sport at its highest level. 

    Visit www.ussailing.org for more details on these Championships.

    Chalk Talk

    We build the most durable dinghies for college sailing and now couldn't be more excited to support the only online show about college sailing: Chalk Talk. Tune in on Thursdays during the Spring and Fall seasons for full episodes of college sailing news, predictions, and sailor interviews. Zim will have a segment each week highlighting our collegiate products: The Zim 420, FJ, collegiate sails, and range of gear for the collegiate dinghy sailor. Tune on Mondays for a recap and scores from the weekend's regattas.

    Visit www.facebook.com/collegesailingchalktalk for more info and the latest episodes.