• 9'6" ACE TEC Classic
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    Length 9'6"
    Width 28"
    Weight 23lbs
    Volume 130L
    Fin Dolphin 10"
    Shaper Peter Pan


    9'6" ACE TEC Classic

     Designed as an all-round performer for light weight riders (under 140lbs/65kg), this SUP is also suited as a performance surf SUP to medium weight riders (up to 180lbs/80kg). The balanced rocker profile, smooth outline and progressive bottom contours lend themselves to surf performance without sacrificing flatwater glide. A fully convertible 2 1 FCS fin configuration allows the rider to optimize performance by matching fin selection for either surf or flatwater conditions. New ERGO-GRIP carry handle = Easier Transport Less Fatigue!

    ACE-TEC Originals are, as the name suggests, the original ACE-TEC graphics and shapes with the vintage look, surf-inspired longboard outlines, confidence-inspiring stability, moderate rocker for versatility and rugged ACE-TEC construction. A new softer family and fitness-friendly deck pad is ideal for recreational use. All the benefits of ACE-TEC at a terrific value.

    Price: $999.95

    SALE PRICE: $759.96

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